About Us

MKS is the primary company of the MKS PAMP GROUP. We provide physical and financial trading services to a global client base operating in all major bullion markets. 

Who We Are

Our core business is sourcing, supplying and trading precious metals products. We enhance our trading activities with strategic assets providing valuable insights into market places where we...


MKS prides itself in having experienced team members and recognized experts in the precious metals market. People are the main asset of the organisation. Here are some of the individuals who are...

MKS World Footprint

MKS (Switzerland) SA is the trading arm and financial center of the MKS PAMP GROUP, a global integrated precious metals group comprising 5 brands, with 15 offices across 12 countries.


MKS (Switzerland) SA is a leading participant in all precious metals markets, providing financial, physical and trading services to a global client base. MKS is a member of all major exchanges as...