The precious metals supply chain involves multiple movements of the asset, from mine site to refiner, from refiner to fabricator or mint and onto the end-consumer market. MKS offers a variety of flexible financing solutions that are tailored to each individual client business needs.


1 Dore

MKS’ long history of working with the producer community led us to develop a variety of early payment solutions along the supply chain.

Pre-payment facilities can be made available based on initial assay from the mine site while provisional payments can also be made on arrival at the refinery and adjusted on outturn.

Recycled Material

2 Recycled Material

We work with our recycling customers to understand their business and provide relevant financing facilities.

The purpose is to support their business cycle by adapting financial time line from collection to physical delivery of the refined product back to the customer or sale.

Upgrading & Transformation

3 Upgrading & Transformation

Financing can also be made available to clients who are looking to transform or upgrade their gold holdings at one of our refineries.

Given the high value of the inventory shipped and transformed, the financing of the refining loop needs to be carefully considered, as well as its cost implications.

We are able to organize secured leasing, financing options for the product in transit, financing options for material in process, and complete with redelivery.