We offer financing terms for customers placing orders for physical products or taking physical material from our refineries and mints. Stock held at the refinery can be financed through to its eventual delivery, as can stock that has already been moved to a secure location prior to delivery or sale.


1 Consignment

Short-term consignments can be made available to customers to run precious metals bars and coins stocks at pre-approved client facilities or at secure third-party premises. The consignment stock is owned and operated by MKS, allowing the client to draw material as required from his home location and not having to wait for shipment.

These kinds of agreements are used frequently by wholesalers who are operating from a specific location, servicing the local retail clients. Consignments is similarly available at competitive rates for online suppliers of investment bars and coins products to optimize their stock management and related costs. Terms are provided based on location, duration, size product and client type after due diligence and credit approval.

Secured Inventory Financing

2 Secured Inventory Financing

Short-term financing of physical inventory can be provided against a recognised form of security, including bank guarantees, Letter of Credit (LC) or Stand By Letter of Credit (SBLC).

MKS trades globally in the provision of these facilities and retains a wide list of acceptable banks, providing our customers with greater flexibility in the provider of the guarantee. Guarantees are acceptable in multiple currencies. 


3 Collateralisation

On a case by case basis MKS may also consider other forms of collateral against physical bullion such as a lien or pledge over an acceptable asset. Please reach out to your relationship manager to learn more about these options.